I'm Joshua Glass

a Developer, Gamer, Amateur Radio Operator and Photographer.

Featured Projects

Here are some of my featured projects.
All projects can be found on my GitHub.

Picture of the Pimoroni RGB Keypad

Raspberry Pi Pico MacroPad

A small library written in C/C++ to quickly turn the Pimoroni RGB Keypad for the Raspberry Pi Pico into a MacroPad. The library is able to be quickly merged into another project.


Windows Deployment Tools

These tools are to be used to capture and modify a Windows Image for deployment to various computers.
The tools are a series of batch scripts which can copy a windows install, deploy it and add drivers to an image.

Arduino IDE v2.x Logo

Arduino IDE on Flathub and AUR

I maintain and contribute to the Flathub and AUR packages of the Arduino IDE v2.x
Images and icon used here are subject to trademark and copyright.

Contact & Socials

Links to my socials and ways to contact me.